Every caterer knows the factors that drive their business: the quality of the food, the number of people that can be seated, the decoration of the establishment, and the presentation of each dish. Based on our many years of experience, we were able to create products that serve to each of these factors and contribute greatly to happily returning customers.

GRAND Series ELITE Series

PIKA Series

Eiffel Stand

This dynamic line is designed to be the ultimate tool of food presentation!
The unique design complements the dish in many ways:

Design. Decoration. Presentation: Every chef enjoys decorating their dish, and every patron enjoys when their meal is served in an extraordinary way. Our risers will allow you to present your platters in a new and exciting way. Food is boring. But yours doesn’t have to be! Create a unique and fun eating experience using our risers and put Fun back into Food!

Create additional space: Utilize that forgotten vertical table space, and allow more table space for other food, decoration, utensils, or comfort space

Keep it within reach: Elevated design allows for easy 360º access from any seat without over-reaching and keeps your customer’s sleeves clean and out of other platters!

Easy serve and clean up: Your waiters and bus-boys will thank you. There’s no reaching across your patron’s heads, and no running around in circles collecting empty plates. Easy does it!

Long lasting: Each riser is made of highly durable, rust-proof 304 grade stainless steel, and is polished to a perfect shine. Easily cleans with a moist cloth or steel polish. Each riser is designed to last a lifetime!

Versatility: With so many customizations and interchangeable parts, our risers can be used in a variety of different ways. Your options are limitless!

Ideal for fruit, seafood, or other finger foods